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October 09, 2012


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jill applebaum

You forgot lice! Love it.

Liam Manning

Oh my goodness, this just made my day! It reminds me of some of the things my friend says, he works in a daycare in Tacoma and that's what he deals with all the time. I don't know if I could deal with that very well.

Liam Manning

Here's the website of where he does it: http://www.kidscountry.net/, hope you like.

Daycare in Tacoma

This is hilarious! I'm sure the daycare in Tacoma that my kids go to is exactly the same. I find it funny that people worry so much about kids and germs, but all of us who are adults ended up just fine!


Oh the joys of day care. Thankfully, this doesn't happen that often in my day care near Mississauga!

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