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September 12, 2012


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Ivan Pope

Five years ago, one of the first things I ever did on Facebook was participate in a Group to assemble a list of The 100 Best Words Ever. It was a brilliant experience, one of the best things that ever happened on Facebook and worth a revisit: http://www.facebook.com/groups/2397168332/



Carol Furre

A Scrabble friend sent me your Final 32 list, so I had a little fun with my reply:

Best SCRABBLE Words Ever?!

Am I betwixt and between a yokel and a nimcompoop? These “Best Words Ever” are among umpteen I’ll never remember to use on a Scrabble board, with or without any mnemonics about diphthongs or onomatopoeia.

Reading this list has certainly caused a kerfuffle in my day. But don’t think I can be hornswoggled into thinking this is some quagmire for me. I’m no xenophobe when it comes to those juggernaut tournament wordsters. They can canoodle and kowtow to each other with their sweet as nougat plays of words from akimbo to zephyr, impress with their detritus or isthmus, even eke out a win as they score big with their sphincter and phlegm.

I enjoy a good game, but I’m no wonk for words so I'll vamoose and not lollygag around here anymore. Gotta go skedaddle over to my neighbor to mooch some gherkins, then go home and dust my tchotchkes. (BTW I’m also not some rapscallion or scalawag who would ever use that f**k word, even if it were allowed on a Scrabble board!)

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Well, dipthong deserve to win. Period.

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