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September 12, 2012


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Matt Deniston

Oh how I do love a good diphthong hornswoggled into a kerfuffle with a gherkin!

Excellent work!


I demand a recount. Gherkin shoulda won.


I was surprised to have to go all the way back to the early rounds to find flibbertigibbet. How did that lose out to foist?

Bob Mabry

Gherkin coulda been a contender, instead of a bum, which is what it is . . .

Stourley Kracklite

Much to his dismay her diphthong concealed a gherkin.


I was rooting for wonk, but... diphthong: Yay!


Greek word!!Yah!

R Daland

Dear Sir,
I read the article in the Atlantic and saw that DIPHTHONG won in part because of the silent h. You may be interested to know that there are (at least two) pronunciations of this word. For many people, the "ph" is pronounced as an "f", reflecting the presumptive Greek origin of this word.
--Your friendly local linguist

E. Meade

Gherkin all the way!


i wonder if doily was ever on the list. i love the word doily.


OMG, why wasn't I consulted? Theshold and lugubrious weren't even considered!?


Indeed Local Linguist
I had a dower & sullen english teacher that pointed out:
"If you pronounce it Dip-Thong, you are a Dip-shit"
It was her 1 and only joke.


Start again — this time include “Buttress”.


In your next one, use the word "xanthochroid"


Can't believe no-one entered "phosphorescence" :(

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