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July 17, 2012


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All, I can say is, when you get to "T," the word "trout" has to be a high seed.


Off the top of my head...

F = Finickity
G = Gazebo, obviously
H = Humane
I = Ingot
J = Jalopy
K = Keenness
L = Lolloping
M = Metonymy
N = Nubile
O = Ornery
P = Pendulous
Q = Querulous
R = Rambunctious
S = Sylvan
T = Truculent
U = Undulate
V = Voluminous
X = Xylem
Y = Yonder
Z = Zesty


For "G" I vote for "Gonorrhea."


Where the hell is Eclectic? It's even fun to spell.


Yeah, but gonorrhea is fun to say, spell AND get. Although afterwards is not so fun, I imagine.


may I suggest "Susurus" or "susurration" for S?

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