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February 22, 2011


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Tough shit, I ain't riding in a doorzone.


Whoa, what's the friggin hurry? What makes your use of the road so special? Just because some city wants to be "bikey friendly" doesn't means a cyclists has to eat a door.


I'm all for "biker's rights." Just commenting on my personal experience with some special dbags I've encountered here in SF.

Ed W

See bike lane. See bike lane in door zone. See happy cyclist riding in bike lane. See motorist open door in front of bicyclist. See cyclist smash into door cutting major artery and falling into travel lane. See bus run over cyclist. See distraught motorist on evening news saying, "It was just an accident." See frowning reporter with big hair saying, "...and the bicyclist was NOT wearing a helmet."

Take the cartoon down. It's not funny and it's just another provocation for some of our dim-witted road users to use as an excuse to 'punish' cyclists.


Obviously, cartoonists aren't required to know about traffic engineering.

Look up "door zone." And slow down. Grow some patience. If you saved the few seconds you waited behind a biker, you'd just waste them anyway.


It's a cartoon. Chill.

Zach Powers

How could you draw a cartoon about bike lanes and not actually draw a bike in it!?!? (!!??!!) UNFORGIVABLE!!


What are we talking about again?

Bite Me

Stupid cartoon.


Did you notice the cartoon illustration gives the person in the motor vehicle like three times as much room as they need? I'd be sharing that lane with him. Who wants to get a rep. as somebody who makes everybody hate bikers.


Yes, it's just a cartoon.
And I'm just a regular guy who won't ride in a door zone.
Why do you refer to me by such an uncomplimentary term?



Trevor, riding your bike uncomfortably close to "motor vehicles" is not the only thing that makes you a douche bag.


Chill, because you are effectively calling people with good reasons for riding outside the painted bike lanes "douchebags".

So, now you get to deal with yet another set of internet d-bags such as myself.

Go back to selling sneakers.


OK, thanks Butter!

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